How Tracking Pixels Will Fuel Up Your Next Digital Ad Campaign

Tracking pixels are pixel sized small transparent images. That are implanted during your Digital creative production in almost everything from your emails to banner Ads. Pixels have called by many names like page tags, beacons etc.They are very robust and are able to collect useful data efficiently and effectively. With tracking pixels companies can record impressions, Conversions and many other things. These tiny pixels are also used for retargeting purposes.  Incase if you are acquiring the services where you don’t have ample amount of data, tracking pixels are the best option to drive you through correct analytical reports and campaign details.

Pixel integration play vital role in your digital banner creation so make sure your creative agency is well aware of pixel advertisement or pixel ads.

What are the Benefits of Pixels Tracking

Pixel tracking solution provide services like Sizmek analytics for companies to analyses how many people see their ad plus how many visits, conversions and interest they got from them. They also let them know the region, gender and other demographics. With pixel tracking you can assess Rich media ads as well as standard ads.

As soon as a user performs any action, either he visits any web page, see emails or anything else. These tracking pixels submit a request to server and server responds immediately to download associated pixel of that content which is interacted by user. The process is done in hibernation without the acknowledgment of user, but the whole procedure is secure and for better user experiences.

Following are mentioned few benefits of Tracking Pixel

  1. Retargeting
  2. Tailored web experience.
  3. Skills to match cookies experience all over domain.

This is the responsibility of your professional creative agency to integrate tracking pixels while production process. To let you have insights of your campaign results including conversion, visits and retracting etc.

To make a better understanding of this concept let’s assume an ecommerce store. By using integrated pixel tracking a company can evaluate how many people just see the ad and how many of them actually clicked and move through it to landing URL to make purchases.

Things we need to know about Pixel Integration

pixel ads

Tracking pixels get depraved reputation, sometimes for good cause. Many of us didn’t know the procedure at the backend. People think it as an interference in their privacy and get irritated and annoyed.

There are few approaches considered as responsible usage of tracking pixel:

  1. Use pixel advertisement very carefully and try to understand the right purpose of it. Avoid firing pixel every time for a single user.
  2. For targeted campaign don’t waste your pixels by firing them for non-targeted strategies.
  3. Don’t trample user’s privacy.
  4. Let users decide to apart them from tracking.

Pixels tracking and analytics in Future

tracking pixel advertisement

Tracking pixels have come up as an important part of Digital Media success.  Their re-targeting capabilities have proven its worth campaign management and creative management.

They enable brands, to carefully assess campaign performance by counting clicks, cost per lead and cost per pixel generation.  With the advancement in technology, integration betwee

n multiple platforms and services will play an interesting role in near future with user’s personalized advertising experience.

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