Portrait of Maha Hameed, a confident and accomplished digital marketing expert, smiling in a professional setting.

Women continue to excel in the marketing industry. They have proven that there is no reason for females to lag in the world of digital marketing. One such incredible woman who has made a lasting impact in this field is Maha Hameed. She is fully equipped with modern digital marketing tools and techniques. Effectively using information and communication, she has carved out her niche. With innovation and effective use of limited resources, she has demonstrated that gender is not an obstacle to her way of digital marketing.

Regardless of running your own business or simply interested in the world of digital marketing, this blog will provide precious insights and inspiration from Maha in this field. Let’s get to know Maha:

Success in competition often comes down to two key principles: continuous learning and relentless innovation. Never stop learning and seek new ways to evolve and adapt.” – Maha Hameed, Digital Marketing Manager, Rich Media, Inc.

A Digital Marketing Journey Rooted in Excellence

Maha’s marketing guru journey is based on a strong foundation of education. She completed her Bachelor of Science with Honors from the University of Home Economics in Lahore, Pakistan. In short, her educational background and passion for learning are deep-rooted in her professionalism and desire to excel in her field.

Mastering the Digital Landscape

Maha recognized that in the era of digital advertising, staying ahead of the competition is crucial. Therefore to become a certified digital professional, Maha pursued deep learning and awareness in this field resulting in several certifications, including Google Search, Google Display, YouTube advertisement, Facebook Ads, Amazon retail for advertisers, and Amazon PPC & Display Ads.

A Career Packed with Achievements in Digital Marketing


Currently, Maha leads the charge as the Digital Marketing Manager at Rich Media Inc. For instance, her strategic perspective and innovative thinking have resulted in the company’s amazing success. Above all, she continued to grow, and her achievements did not stop there.

Subsequently, serving as the E-Commerce Manager for the Well picked Store on Amazon AE and AUKSales Store on Amazon US and eBay, Golden Pearl Amazon store, Beaux Soi, USA and AE Amazon store, Noor Galaxy Amazon Store UK and USA, she demonstrated her knack for thriving in the competitive e-commerce landscape. Her success is a result of her ability to stay informed about the latest marketing trends and the most suitable sales forecasting techniques. In short, Maha is seen as a model for Performance Marketing Campaigns on Google, Yahoo DSP, and Facebook as she heavily contributed to increasing ROI of the clients such as Alkhidmat Foundation and Global Healing.

A Player Coach

Maha is not only a professional player, but she has also tried her luck in other fields of life. Behind the scenes, she has also served as an Assistant Training Coordinator at the Pearl-Continental Hotel. She has coached 50 ambitious professionals and her journey of empowering the next generation of female leaders and assisting women is continued.

Empowering Women in Digital Marketing

To sum up, Maha pioneered the way for many of today’s great female digital marketers. Even if you are unfamiliar with Maha, you have most likely seen some of her work. One of her most notable campaigns was AUKSales GraphPad.  She believes that in traditionally male-dominated areas women can progress. To be an inspiration for others they can bring skills and innovative ideas.

Finally, Maha Hameed is a role model and perhaps most importantly, a female marketer. Her career serves as a compelling reminder of women’s tremendous marketing potential, challenging every woman to dream big and conquer any difficulties that may arise.

Written by: Sadaf Kashif

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