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Sizmek Releases Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) Suite

The latest announcement from Sizmek, which is one of the world’s leading Buy-Side Ad tech
firms, is that it’s launching a bundled suite of programmatic creative solutions. This shall enable
brands and agencies to easily execute relevant, personalized advertising on a large scale.

The company said it would provide advertisers and agencies with different bundle options that
include creative production services, media execution and dynamic creative optimization (DCO)
tools to increase the adoption of creative-led programmatic buying in the Asia-Pacific region.
DCO helps advertisers in connecting with their customers with messages that resonate and
inspire them to action. Sizmek elaborated in a statement that, “The programmatic DCO bundle
includes three packages depending on campaign goals and sophistication: simple, intermediate,
and advanced. There is also a fourth option which utilizes machine learning technology that the
company secured through its acquisition of RocketFuel last year.”

The aforementioned DCO suite also includes a product recommendation engine that predicts
which offer will appeal to different individuals the most, and in what exact moment will they be
most receptive. Meanwhile, the company also claims that their Smart Grid technology
dynamically creates ad formats, layouts, and messaging for each separate impression and ad

This approach fuses creative, data, and media so a brand’s values are optimally expressed,
while at the same time leveraging the precision targeting and massive scale of programmatic,
said a spokesperson.

“People are bombarded with more than 3000 marketing messages a day, and they are
frustrated by this tsunami of irrelevant marketing,” the spokesperson said. “With this bundled
offering we aim to make it easier for brand advertisers and agencies to launch and deliver
personalized ads in Asia, deploying a mix of data, rich media technology, and programmatic
media-buying software.”

Sizmek’s internal research showed that personalization is not only the key to grabbing customer
attention and connection, but also increased performance, according to the spokesperson.
“Campaigns using personalized creative saw a five times higher conversion rate than those
without. Additionally, when AI is applied to the creative, campaigns saw a 46% uplift in

Sizmek says it discovered several barriers still existed and were hindering the widespread
adoption of DCO in APAC, and that the new bundle was created to address some of these
challenges. “Long campaign lead times and complex workflows involving multiple stakeholders
have made it difficult to seamlessly execute dynamic creative campaigns in the past.
Furthermore, costs can vary depending on campaign requirements and many brands and media
agencies lack in-house creative and production expertise,” said the spokesperson.
Sizmek’s DCO suite can prove to be a magic toolbox for advertisers and media agencies alike,
which are operating in Pakistan. The suite ensures that the precision targeting and massive

scale of programmatic will be utilized efficiently, providing local agencies the leading edge which
is required to win in the local digital marketing arena.

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