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Rich Media Inc. Guide to Programmatic Advertisement

Programmatic Advertising Technology is a beast race where turtle will win. Digital advertisement is a place that keeps transforming, its way of advertising to ensure that your advertisement reaches maximum audience. Programmatic Advertising is one of those tools.

Back in the days, marketers had to write proposals and negotiate with many people along the way. Programmatic Advertising refers to workflow automation which is made possible by technology that employs algorithmic artificial intelligence (AI) technology to optimize the delivery of ads based on behavior of visitors.

Programmatic Advertising is also the method which is responsible for helping the world’s most successful and top brands get in market fast and disrupt their competition by using data-driven insights to the customers which gets sharper with every interaction

Why Programmatic?

Programmatic advertising is how the majority of display advertising worked. It is the default method of publishing display advertising.

According to a research, in 2019, US total spend on Programmatic Advertising reached $59.45 billion & account for 84.9% of all display advertising.

By 2021, the prediction is that it will account for 88% of all US display advertising & spend will reach over $81billion.

How Programmatic Advertising Works?

Let’s suppose someone is out there in the market to buy gym/workout clothes, and he/she wants to see some reviews before spending their money. They search for ‘best gym cloths’ or ‘best gym gear’. He will land on a page with multiple options to buy.

This data is getting collected on digital channels; you can measure the choice of customer and even their physical presence.

This data is getting collected in real time, to serve the right kind of advertisement at the right time.

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Article written by: Fahad Qureshi

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