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Programmatic advertising and political advertising is now not a new concept. Political marketing has become increasingly digital, with programmatic advertising playing an ever-increasing role in political campaigns. Programmatic advertising allows brands to buy media space more efficiently and precisely than through traditional channels, such as direct negotiation or waterfall buying. Political marketers need programmatic tools that can meet the strict time and quality control standards of their high-profile clients. Furthermore, political advertisers need trustable partners that can help them comply with the various data privacy regulations specific to the political sector. In this article we look at the relationship between programmatic advertising and Political Campaign. We also look at where programmatic fits in political marketing, what are its main benefits for different political stakeholders, and some key tips for using it as part of a successful political campaign strategy.

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising is an automated way for advertisers to buy advertising online. This method of advertising is also referred to as real-time bidding, or RTB. Advertisers use programmatic advertising to target ads to specific audiences. Programmatic advertising allows advertisers to use data-driven marketing to optimize budgets and get the most ROI. Programmatic advertising is used to sell and buy digital advertising, including display, video, audio, and search advertising. Advertisers can use programmatic advertising to reach specific audiences. There are two main types of programmatic advertising. Real-time bidding, or RTB, is used for buying advertising by bidding on ad inventory at the same time that a user is viewing your ad. Real-time bidding is used for buying online display, mobile, video, and search ads. Automated advertising is used for selling advertising as well as buying it. This is typically used for video advertising.

Why is Programmatic Advertising Important for Political Campaigns?

Whether you are a federal or provincial political candidate, or a political organization advocating an initiative or bill awareness, we recognize you as political marketers who have very little time for running effective political campaigns. That’s why collaborating with a programmatic marketing platform like Rich Media Inc. is critical for you to do what we do best: putting you on the globe!

There are several reasons why political advertisers should use programmatic advertising to deliver their message. The first and most obvious one is efficiency: brands can get more bang for their buck by using programmatic tools to target the right audience at the right time with the right message. Programmatic also offers more transparency, since political advertisers can closely monitor the reach, traffic sources, and conversions of their ads. Furthermore, programmatic advertising allows brands to reach audiences in new and innovative ways, such as through augmented reality, virtual reality, and a variety of interactive formats. Finally, programmatic advertising lets political advertisers stay compliant with strict data privacy regulations, which are covered in more detail below.

“Essentially, we place your digital campaign advertising in front of the people and voters you want to reach.” Rich Media Inc.

The political landscape is clearly becoming more controversial, and advertising in this sector is becoming increasingly competitive. Most of us envisage robots murdering people on the streets when we confront our worries about technology. These remote threats may or may not materialize, but they are not the appropriate dystopia for the twenty-first century; rather, the closest one may be initiated through personal targeting. Targeting technology has progressed beyond advertising and can now be used to affect public opinion and influence political campaigns. From here, our future may be primarily determined by programming technology or how those in power use them to affect public life, because the deeper personalization becomes, the less opportunities people must distinguish between truth and falsehoods.

Every Politician Requires a Political Marketing Platform Based on Results

Have you considered using programmatic for political advertisements? With elections approaching and digital advertising spend expanding across all verticals, political ad expenditure is likely to increase significantly during upcoming elections.

Advertisers are finding it more difficult to engage voters due to watching fragmentation, cord-cutting, and inventory constraints. Advertisers in this difficult arena must be able to identify critical voting audiences and target them using a truly omnichannel approach as audiences grow increasingly harder to reach. As a result, there is no better time than now to incorporate programmatic advertising into your political campaign strategy.

Courthouse meet-and-greets are no longer enough to secure a victory on election night. As the demographics of the voter alter, political digital advertising campaigns must be able to adjust their playbook and adapt to new technology to win.

Running Political Digital Ad Campaigns With Rich Media Inc.

Rich Media Inc. can assist you to discover your audience and deliver messaging in scalable, premium environments by onboarding first-party voter data, pinpointing distribution inside exact districts, or leveraging the direct integrations with trustworthy political data partners. It’s worthy to tell you about the progress your political campaign can achieve with RMI’s programming solution for your political advertisement.

Rich Media Inc. can assist you by:

  1. Delivering your message with the greatest likelihood of engagement at the lowest feasible cost
  2. Placing advertisements directly in the path of your voters, directing them towards political campaign platforms
  3. A patented collection of algorithms that ensures our optimization happens in real time
  4. To mitigate the risk of brand safety Rich Media Inc. is expert in utilizing a combination of tools and methods that ensure your advertisements do not appear in inappropriate contexts or next to inappropriate content.
  5. Monitoring and evaluation of your political campaign

Benefits Political Campaigns can Leverage from RMI’s Programmatic Advertising

Most adults get their knowledge about impending elections from internet sources. This means you can reach your target audience wherever they are in a digital environment, using several forms and channels.

Strategic Omnichannel Execution

Connect with voters on all their devices, always and places while they’re online including mobiles, desktops etc

Quality Data

Determine who your target voters are and learn more about your most important customers.

Advanced Reporting

Utilize RMI’s comprehensive range of industry-leading reporting and measurement methods.


Digital media has crept into almost all aspects of society. This represents a huge opportunity for advertisers as well as political campaigns. However, digital marketing is different from traditional marketing channels such as TV, radio, and newspapers. Digital marketing is less direct, more complex, and relies on a blend of data, creativity, and technology to achieve results. Programmatic advertising is an automated method of buying and selling media inventory using computers to match the demand side with the supply side of the market for advertising space. This is important in political marketing as it can generate millions of ad impressions in an abbreviated period, while achieving high standards of accuracy, reporting, and transparency. Real-time programmatic buying provides quick and efficient access to the latest data and inventory at the best prices. This means that brands can respond quickly to changes in the market and avoid missing out on opportunities while meeting their campaign goals. Finally, this is the power of programmatic advertising when combined with the appropriate political marketing ad tech platform.

Allow us to assist you in reaching your objectives by incorporating digital programmatic ads into your political advertising strategy.

Written by: Sadaf Kashif

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