Ad Blocker by Chrome & How it’s Affecting the Advertising Industry?

In this world where an average person is flooded with 3,000 advertisements per day in various forms, Google make more than 70% of it’s income from advertising business and on the other hand Google has introduced ad blocker in Chrome. Let’s peek on how it’s going to affect the industry.

Are your Digital Adverts Prepared to Tackle Chrome’s Ad Blocker?

A while ago Google officially announced that it will be bringing ad blocked to it’s future Chrome updates. Both publishers and advertisers must take note. This means all ads will be blocked if they are not up to the mark of standard defined by technology giants. With this shift companies were under pressure on how this is going to impact their advertising. Let’s take a look what kind of impact is that going to have on advertising.

What does this mean for you?

What does Chrome's Ad Blocker mean for you

Every website will be scrutinized by Chrome’s technology located under your website’s data. If for some reason your website is unable to meet the standards, no ads shall be displayed on your website, this can be fixed by updating your site’s data and the re-submitting. Chrome will allow display ads if the site has passed a certain test, if your website keeps failing the test for a month all ads shall be blocked by Chrome.

Ad Blocker from Chrome Is Good for Digital Adverts

Why Chrome's Ad Blocker is good news for digital advertising

An online survey was conducted where a lot of people confirmed they are not worried about adverts but what makes them us ad blockers is intrusive ads that damage consumer’s surfing experience and causes distraction which truly isn’t what internet is meant for. Which is good as this will motivate companies to design and develop creative ideas that are not intrusive and not damaging to user’s experience. This way they can ensure their ads will not be blocked and are of great quality, will keep the users happy as they won’t be bothered with adverts anymore. This should be the major focus for all the companies to keep the users engaged and generate meaningful ideas.

Era of Bad Creatives Comes to an End

The end of bad digital ad


With all that change Chrome has made, this is going to be an opportunity for advertisers to think of best possible solutions to build less resource intensive ads that are useful and meaningful, a lot of companies who have shifted toward this have benefited from it and consumers are now more than happy to be surfing internet. If you are not in a position to do that all by yourself you can also partner with some great production company which can help you in doing the job for you at some cost and that way you can focus on working on something else that can contribute towards to your goals achievement.

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