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Home Page Takeover Ad Rotation Strategy for Better Digital Experience

Agencies should use Home Page Takeover ad with frequency capping, to enable users for better digital advertising experiences. If you have the ad only in the placement, then apply the frequency capping at panel level per day per user or one time per session or campaign life time or any other capping which you may want to apply.

If you are using the Home Page Takeover Ad and standard banners ads in the same placement, then apply the frequency capping on Home Page Take over Ad all across the media plan for a better digital advertising experience. This ad rotation strategy will reduce your ad serving costs. For example, if you have five publishers in your media plan. User experiences the home page takeover ad on publisher 1 and then the same user moves to another publisher whichis part of your media plan; that particular user will see the standard banner ad instead of the home page takeover ad according to the frequency capping setting.

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