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Improve Your Holiday Creative with DCO, Before It’s Too Late!

Advertisers are always waiting for holiday season to take full advantage of the sudden consumer spending uprising. While there is an intense competition vis-à-vis grabbing increased consumer attention and, eh, the money, the advertisers do find holidays as the best time for their dynamic-creative optimization (DCO) when it comes to their online campaigns.

When it particularly comes to the Q4 campaign success, the major factors pertain to the ability to adapt the messaging and creative for fitting the particular audience segment and simultaneously continuing the optimization along with performance. That being said, any advertising company that is willing to experiment with dynamic-creative optimization (DCO) should benefit from the ideas given below in order to improve the impact of its advertising during holiday season.

Put More Attention to What Is Worthy of Being A Gift!

When consumers are shopping during the holiday season, they are more often desirous of finding content and browsing websites for different gift ideas. In this regard, the retailers who are retargeting the audience based on the ideas that the customers have seen already might be on the wrong track, as actually the consumers intend to find some fresh and new ideas that they have not seen anywhere before. Therefore, you must use the DCO to demonstrate to the consumers about latest products that can be considered as gift-worthy and have not been bought by many people before, and hence this way, you can ask them to buy the product on your own website.

Moreover, the important distinction here is the product being gift-worthy. Where the brands may have displayed the high-end products for pushing the consumers fulfilling particular criteria, they still require the remembrance of the price range when it comes to purchasing a specific gift. Hence, the advertisers should give the priority to the products within that particular range whenever they are utilizing the DCO during holiday sales period.

Utilize the Influence of Contextual

As discussed earlier, the retargeting might a be good and favorable tool for some retailers, still it is not entirely a good idea especially during the holiday season. The social ads company and marketers are actually on the benefit if they use full-fledged scope of targeting the capabilities including contextual. This will ensure that they are able to buy inventory programmatically against the context of the particular page, and only then they use the DCO for tailoring creative and messaging for displaying distinct gifts based on the interest of users.

Each vertical is actually able to adopt a different approach vis-à-vis contextual. For instance, the CPG marketers and advertisers must double down on the content that is concerned with entertainment. This will mean anything and everything about food, household preparations for guests and even decorating. Hence, if advertisers target these pages, then CPG brands will be highlighting and promoting the recipes for their own food items. Alternatively, they will use innovative and creative means for using their household items for holiday period.

Similarly, brands can also benefit from contextual especially for the inclusive messaging, which targets the pages highlighting different religious and seasonal holidays, e.g. Hanukkah or Diwali. In this regard, even the gift-worthy products could also be marketed along with holiday pitch, such as razors, deodorant and toothpaste, etc.

Additionally, luxury marketers would, on the other hand, be able to adopt a bit different strategy. Most of the brands offer gifts with the main idea being that one will be giving that gift to his or her romantic partner, which is actually a good idea. However, through contextually targeting the business-related content, the luxury marketers are only able to push the messaging directed towards the employees, thereby rewarding their bosses a present.

Add A Bit of Taste Through Funny Messages

Undoubtedly, the holiday period is all about time to be spent with family and sharing memories. However, brands should not be scared of moving past the sentimental messages and getting cheeky as well as festive through their advertising messaging. Rather than simply shouting ‘buy now’ or some other sort of boring call to action, the advertisers should try messages such as ‘feel the relief of checking another gift off your list’.

Another funny way is to establish ad sequences around the consumers who are already purchasing the particular product. This would certainly be the right time for retargeting those consumers. This is because it will let the advertisers explore the consumers’ tastes and hence convey the cheeky messages such as ‘reward yourself this holiday season’. This will be great fun, and it is a different sort of approach, and through this tactic, chances are high that the consumer will be enticed to spend additional money on the brand that he or she is already spending on, as such messages would have appealed to them in a distinct and unique manner.

Hence, DCO also provides digital media agency different ways of exploring the holiday advertising in a funnier way, which will also pay off its associated brands in the longer run. Lastly, if the brands and advertisers remember to maintain their products within price range of gift-worthy items and simply benefit from the contextual targeting, then they will be able to differentiate themselves from their competitors in the current as well as upcoming holiday sales periods.

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