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GroupM Launches Nokia 8 Digital Campaign Using Flip Expandable Ads


RMI team recently launched a digital media campaign for Nokia 8 smartphone. The campaign was named as ‘Be Less Selfie and Be More #Bothie”. The hashtag was introduced into social media, which got massive praise and admiration by the users, and which ultimately became a recognition point for the prestigious Nokia 8.

In this regard, credit also goes to Nokia brand team and GroupM’s media & planning team, whose collaboration and cooperation made this possible for RMI team to design the ads in tough deadline. Moreover, it was also owing to their selection of flip ad format due to which the Nokia 8 video ad grabbed maximum user attention. Moreover, ad-recall rate will also higher in such a case, as the ad display execution appeared to be quite stylish and aesthetic. In addition to that, the video ads created in this campaign for Nokia 8 did ensure to make a lasting impression in the minds of a wider audience, which is the core philosophy of Sizmek.

In this campaign, we developed nine rich media ads comprising of 3 ad formats with three creative variations. We were given very tight deadline of 5 days to produce 9 rich media HTML5 banners. Owing to the tight schedule and tough work being anticipated, RMI Team still did its best to produce three HTML5 flip expandable rich media ads, 3 polite video banners with canvas branding and three mobile interstitial ads. All nine ads were developed with video to engage the audience using Sizmek MDX platform.

On Desktop, we executed HTML5 flip expandable rich media ads with three different designs to grab the user attention. We set the auto expansion on first impressions per day per user, and on subsequent impressions, the flip panel was user-initiated to maintain good user experience. 15-second video was also placed. Banner also auto collapses after few seconds whether user interacts or not with the banner. Its base banner was 300 x 250 medium rectangle and expansion panel size was 1000 x 500. We developed three different background designs reflecting wooden canvas, black & white petal pattern and stylish golden color stripes. In each design, unique video was placed.

         Nokia HTML5 Flip Expandable Ad              

Similarly, polite banner ad was produced as a rich ad, which had the dimensions of 300 x 250. The video about the Nokia 8 appears on it. Moreover, the user will also have the click-through option through which he can be redirected towards the main landing page, whereas the link appears on the video. Moreover, the main benefit of using polite banner was to enable the social media components, which can be easily added into it. In addition to that, the polite ad will remain inside the container even though it has been developed as a rich ad. More so, the ad would not be expanded.

In case of the instream ad, we displayed the video whose dimensions were 640 x 480. It was developed as a pre-roll ad, which means that the advertisement of Nokia 8 would run before the actual video is played. Moreover, this Nokia 8 ad displayed through the instream format was skippable, which meant that the user was able to skip the ad altogether and move right into the actual video. This was also a click-through ad.

Another format for displaying Nokia 8 ads was the mobile interstitial format. It works only on the mobile, and its base banner has 1 x 1 size, whereas the panel size is 320 x 480. However, this ad is responsive in accordance with the screen size and it adjusts itself with the size of the screen. Moreover, this was also a rich ad, and it displays the video too, wherein the social media tools can also be engaged into it.

So, in conclusion, it can be stated that meeting deadlines is an essential aspect in the professional environment, and RMI has been effectively pursuing its mainstream objective of helping agencies and advertisers boost the digital campaign ROI. Nokia 8 campaign ads were designed in a shortest time period of five days, and a challenge was fulfilled in the most effective manner using multifold formats and features in order to engage the audience and keep the aim of reviving lost prestige and nostalgic power of Nokia brand.

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