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Google introduce pay for conversion bidding for Google Ads Display Campaign

When you are setting up your campaigns in Google Ads, you have the option of clicks & impression but now Google introduces pay for conversion bidding option for Display Campaign, which means you only pay when someone converts on your website or application. You will never be charged above your target CPA

An advertiser, that want to pay for conversion set, a CPA (cost per acquisition) in the bidding section of the campaign setting. In the example, how the Google price model work. Let’s as your target CPA is 10$, you get 30 conversions over the weekend. You will pay 300$ amount, with actual CPA of 10$.



 Google Ads user Interface (Image Credit: Google)

Conversion Condition

You must meet the Google Display Ads condition, before launching the pay for conversion campaign & the conditions are;

Your Google Ads account must have more than 100 conversions in the last 30 days. The time between clicks & conversion must be shortened than 7 days for at least 90% of those conversions. If it often takes customers more than a week to convert after clicking your ad, then you won’t be able to pay for conversions.

Target CPA

You target CPA is less than 200 $ (USD) or equivalent in local currency for your campaign & ad groups, which you will use pay for the conversion.

Pay for conversions does not work for conversions imported from calls or Salesforce or for cross-device conversions. It also doesn’t work with shared budgets.

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