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To portray a positive image of an organization/firm, it’s time to abandon the notion that email is casual and insignificant. If your business depends on emails, then it matters a lot. Every single word you select in your communication establishes the professional reputation.

With an increasing number of individuals subscribing to company emails and newsletters, it’s not wise to utilize old email techniques and tricks to stand out in 2022. As customers are increasingly being prioritized by brands in their marketing tactics, it’s time for businesses to focus more on improving customer experiences and doing more to make their customers’ lives easier with on-point, on-brand, and hyper-personalized solutions. To pursue and achieve these goals, organizations are leveraging the power of email marketing to get the most bang for their buck by leveraging a few key email design trends.

With more advanced audiences need is to change the tastes and styles of emails according to your audiences. Emails are not as formal as letters, but they must still be professional. 2021 has gone with muted color tones, gradients, emotional designs, and dark mode in email, whereas 2022 has brought exciting new trends in the world of digital communication.

Are you thinking about what email design trends are on the horizon for 2022? The Rich Media team is back with the top five well-considered email suggestions for 2022. Let’s get right into these suggestions:


You must be aware regarding the adage, “less is more”. This phrase is to be undoubtedly applicable to email design in 2022. To maximize the impact of your emails, phase out the maximalist, chaotic, and disharmonious design approaches by introducing the clean, minimalist, basic compositions in your emails. Because your audiences are flooded with tens of emails every day, the minimalist design trend alleviates the strain by going right to the point while also appearing attractive. Avoid extraneous graphics or text, ancillary themes, but just a short email communicating the right message and nothing else.

The thumb rule is to reduce the amount of text and increase the amount of visual content. Don’t forget to alternate between pictures and text to surprise, amuse, and keep readers involved. Instead of bombarding consumers with overly sales-y language, let your artwork, images, and animations tell the whole story of your brand and company. To spark the reader’s interest and encourage them to act, clearly articulate the message, and provide an unambiguous call to action. Considering the cluttered email marketing landscape, it is not impossible to dazzle email recipients without using animations and images. We are displaying the following email sample just to show that instead of pounding multiple email pieces together, they have made this simple by using the minimalist trend.


If you want to give your business emails a classy and more elegant look, then our next recommendation is the “Dark Mode” email. The powerful rationale for this setting is that it is easier on the eyes and makes the material more legible whereas on the other side it preserves the user’s battery life. Emails that are not dark mode-compatible may appear to have a broken layout or a strange look and feel, which may trigger spam filters and compromise email deliverability. As a result, the dark mode can even help to prevent email deliverability concerns.

Users prefer the relaxing view of a dark screen with white writing over having their face lighted by a white screen, especially when they are near other people. Furthermore, Dark Mode is thought to benefit persons who are sensitive to light or suffer from migraines. Thus, if you want to show your consumers that you really care about them then the dark mode is beneficial to both your brand and your subscribers, so there’s no excuse not to incorporate it in 2022.

Do a comparison of following dark and white mode emails and decide yourself!


The days of dull, static emails are over but the love for animation will never die. Users today want to know if brands care about them as individuals and are prepared to try to engage with them one-on-one. This is where interactive emails come in handy as an addition to your email marketing toolbox. We suggest designing your emails with more animated GIFs, dynamic menus, scroll animations, and practically any effect that improves reader engagement is welcomed. The goal is to make people interested in the subject of the email rather than the email itself.


Gradients are ubiquitous, and what was once considered a trend is now considered a classic. Gradients fell out of popularity in recent years in favor of a modern, flat design look, but they are currently making a comeback in new forms and appearing on more sites than ever. For a forceful but soft image of your communication, we recommend designing your emails with a gentle blending from one color to another and another. Just have a look at emails that are taking their email to the next level.  

On the other side, the charm of the wavy line email style is that it can be used for just about anything.

Not every email design trend has a meaningful meaning; sometimes it’s merely a fashionable look at the time. We ensure that for 2022 email trends, the wavy line trend will dominate. If you haven’t previously noticed the gradient and wavy line trend, it’s easy to recognize if you notice something that looks like PPA Scotland.


Customer testimonials are among the most effective conversion strategies that we are suggesting incorporating in your email marketing strategy. Do you know the reason? It’s because they are effective. Just because they serve as social evidence, which is a highly effective driver of consumer behavior. Testimonials Determine your market, emphasize major benefits, overcome any objections, create social pressure while telling your brand’s story. You don’t need to force-feed the testimonials but rather offer them in an intriguing style that draws the reader in organically. Look! How Parka, Cladwell, and Eighth Sleep have created an impact by using the power of testimonials in their emails.

Finally, we must use the accessible and inclusive design for our emails. Customers anticipate more from us in this year, and we must deliver without exception.

Written By: Sadaf Kashif

Sadaf Kashif is a freelance journalist and UN professional

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