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Digital Advertising vs. Traditional Advertising: What’s best for your Business?

As a businessman you always want your business to grow and make sure if you are paying good amount to market your business, it should be spend well and sensible. Small and growing businesses cant afford to loose to much money to figure out the right medium to market there business. This article will cover which medium is best for your business.

Big companies like NIKE, ADDIDAS, PUMA, spends huge amount of money on traditional advertising campaigns and some companies only focus on Digital Advertising, this sometimes create confusion about what to choose.

Traditional Advertisement:

Traditional advertisement is when you advertise in newspapers, flyers, tv, or  radio.  If your business only operates in one town or small area of population, then sending out flyers or using local media/tv is a great option. With is your prospects can hold onto your advertisements. A little negative point is that traditional advertising costs much more money compare to digital advertising. With this you have to pay for the materials like the paper you print for your flyers after that, you have to pay for their distribution of that. This is a money spending activity.

Digital Advertising:

Digital advertising is choice for many small businesses who are just entering market with limited marketing budgets, it is rapidly growing choice for everyone. With digital advertising on social media platforms  and search engines, you can get started for only a few hundred dollars and invest rest of money in other aspects of your business, such as sale.

With social media posts or search engine ads, you only pay when someone clicks your ad or visits your business website. It lot depend on your strategy but in digital advertising reaching more people can cost significantly less than traditional advertising campaigns.

One of the biggest advantage of marketing your brand campaign digitally is that you can plan to spend lets suppose $1000 on Facebook ads every month, running branding campaigns, only to figure out one week and $100 later that those campaigns are underperforming according to your estimation. So by looking at current performance of campaign you can immediately pause the campaign and change your strategy without spending money.

Article Written by: Fahad Qureshi

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