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How to build a Facebook Advertisement campaign with WhatsApp feature?

Last year, Facebook announced that he was rolling out WhatsApp features in the Facebook advertisement.Features are rolling out phase

wise in the world & now this features available in Pakistan.It is very good news for small business. The WhatsApp messaging service has been 1.5 billion users worldwide on January 18 & which is indicated that in the coming day more companies will move toward mobile advertisement messaging services.

Now Facebook gives the option to customers, they can send a direct message to you on WhatsApp from your Facebook ad. Previously, Facebook Messenger Advertisement is low usage by customers, but introducing WhatsApp features will have increased the interaction with the user. The user can send a direct message to the business.

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How WhatsApp Function work in Facebook Ad Manager

When you are in the planning to run the campaign on WhatsApp Facebook, the following steps will be followed

  1. Click on the Facebook Ad Manager
  2. Choose your campaign objective like Traffic increase for your website.
  3. In the next step, click on the WhatsApp option & select page you want to attach. You will receive a code on your WhatsApp, after confirmation message, your page is attached successfully
  4. When pages & WhatsApp Connected, choose Demographic, Psychographic & location of your campaign.
  5. Set your target audience, Budget & schedule for the boosted post.
  6. Click on boost.

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Facebook WhatsApp advertisement is convenient for your business. You can see the impression, likes, & clicks from the report. Which helps the business to reach the more audience in less time.

Which next campaign are you running using Facebook WhatsApp features?

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